Footwear FAQs

Why do I need an appointment?

At Profeet we offer three levels of assessment and fitting depending on your level of sports participation and biomechanical needs. Our most popular service is the 'Sports Service' which lasts up to one hour however we also offer a simpler ½ hour 'Shoe Fit' service and a more in-depth 'Pro Service' . Whichever level of service you choose you will have Profeet dedicated technician to look after your fitting needs.


How long does a run fit appointment take?

We ask that you leave about 1 hour for a run or outdoor shoe fit – this includes your custom insoles and you leave with everything at the end of your appointment.


Why do I need to pay extra for fitting?

Our technicians are extremely experienced footwear and custom insole fitters. Our most popular Sports appointments lastsup to one hour, cost £169.95 and include video motion analysis (more detailed than gait analysis) and foot scanning as well as your custom insoles. We don’t have any hidden charges for materials or work and our prices include fitting and refitting and a 30 day Comfort Guarantee.
We also have a Shoe Fit with basic gait analysis FOC with shoe purchases (this does not include the Comfort Guarantee).


Why are your insoles so expensive / so cheap?

Our insoles are exclusive designs by our biomechanical engineers and podiatrists and manufactured in France by Sidas / Podiatec. As with any Custom insole the skill of the technician in analysing your foot and correctly making the insole is key and all of our technicians are highly experienced and qualified and many have graduate degrees in appropriate sports, biomechanics, and podiatry qualifications.


Do you do Gait Analysis?

Gait Analysis is purely analysis of how you stand, walk and run. This is just the start of our analysis, part of the Profeet difference is that we offer the most advanced and comprehensive biomechanical analysis – not just a “gait analysis”.

I get sore knees/ankles/anything else when I run - can you help?

Yes! 80% of our clients come to us with some sort of pre-existing injury or pain. We can stop this from occurring and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.


Why don't you sell shoes online?

We can’t currently offer the same level of customer service when selling shoes online. We believe in fitting the shoe to your foot and we can’t currently do that through the internet. In addition, we believe that most of our customers will benefit from a Custom Insole – which we definitely can’t create in the virtual world! Once we figure out a way to offer the Profeet service online we’ll do that!


What happens at my appointment?

In a nutshell you’ll experience:

Video gait analysis (biomechanical analysis)

Dynamic foot scanning

Footwear fitting & modification

Exercise programme

Comfort Guarantee


Why do I need a Custom Insole?

Not everybody needs an insole, but your technician may recommend one during your analysis if they think it will benefit you. Many factors need to be taken into consideration, such as your foot stability, injury history and intensity of training. We always strive to give you an honest opinion based on the information available to us. After all we want you to become a loyal customer and join our loyalty programme.


What brands do you stock?


We stock major and more specialist brands including Adidas, Asics, Brooks, Hoka, Mammut, Mizuno, New Balance, Salomon, Saucony, Scott and ON (Run on Clouds).

Trek & Outdoor

We stock Salomon, Lowa, Scarpa and Mammut shoes.

How many shoes do you stock?

Lots! We buy our shoes based on a matrix of performance and fit – from a novice with narrow feet to a marathon runner with wide feet we’ve got you covered!


How long will my shoes last?

Running shoes should last approximately 350-500 miles (550-800 kms) depending on your weight and style of running. We offer a free 6 month check up to all our customers who have had a Sport or Pro analysis. During this we can advise you how worn your shoes are and when you should expect to change them. Remember, all our existing Sport/Pro analysis customers benefit from our Loyalty Programme.


How long will my insoles last?

Profeet insoles should last about 3-4 pairs of shoes or approximately 1,500 miles but this depends on your sport, weight, technique etc. Everybody wears through their insoles differently, so we recommend that you come in for your free 6 month check up. Insoles used for sports other than running, i.e. tennis, will normally wear down faster.


Why do I get blisters?

Blisters arise from frictional forces when surfaces shear (rub) against each other such as the surface of your skin, socks and the internal wall of the shoes. Excessive motion of your feet inside the shoes will cause blisters especially if your shoes are the wrong shape, profile and volume. Often a foot that rolls over the forefoot and/or is hyper-mobile will result in blister down the front and side of the arch.


What's the difference between your Custom Insoles and Orthotic insoles?

Custom Insoles are moulded directly to your feet while-you-wait and are engineered to be sports-specific using special materials for cushioning, propulsion and support. Once moulded, they are light and flexible and cushion, support and guide your feet dynamically. Custom insoles offer a much higher level of support than a manufacturer's insole and are not designed to be medical podiatry Orthotics.*

Orthotics Insoles are made by a podiatrist who typically (in the UK) takes a non-weight-bearing plaster cast mould of the feet in a 'neutral' foot position. The casts are then sent off to a lab where the orthotic is made often using rigid materials and additional 'posts' are added to correct the alignment of the joints. An orthotic is designed to control a foot that suffers major patho-mechanical dysfunction.

*Orthotics are generally rigid devices designed to block foot motion.

Our Pro Biomechanics / Sports Podiatry assessments are conducted by registered Podiatrists / Biomechanists who are qualified to make both types of insole depending on your needs.


Other Sports

What other sports do you do shoes for?

We specialise in Running, Skiing, Outdoor/Trekking and Tennis – and stock shoes for all these sports. If you take part in another sport we are more than happy to fit your footwear and craft your insoles but we do not currently stock shoes so you should bring your own.


What other sports do you do insoles for?

We can craft insoles for pretty much every sport under the sun.  Sports that we regularly make insoles for include:

Tennis, squash & other racket sports


Rugby, Football, Hockey and other team sports

Please give us a call to discuss any particular needs.

How does it work with other sports?

The process is the same with all of our sports – analysis, insole and footwear – but if you’re looking for a sport outside of Running, Skiing, Outdoor/Trekking and Cycling then please bring your own footwear. Feel free to give us a ring to discuss your needs first.



General FAQs

Where are you?

We’re based at 867 Fulham Road just at the crossroads with Munster Road. The nearest tube is Parsons Green which is about10 minutes walk away. We used to have different locations for our run and ski labs but have now brought all our expertise together under one roof.


Have you got parking?

We don’t have parking on site however pay and display parking is usually fairly easy to find on the residential streets close by.  Please ensure you don’t stop outside the shop during peak times as cameras operate in the area and stopping is not permitted at peak traffic times.


How long has Profeet been established?

We were created in October 2001, so over 10 years now.


What is your Comfort Guarantee?

In short we guarantee you will be comfortable with your Profeet footwear and Custom Insoles. Obviously conditions apply so please see our relevant sports comfort guarantee for more details or call us to discuss further.


What is your Loyalty Programme and how do I join?

At Profeet we find that many of our customers come back time and time again. We like to recognise this loyalty with special offers. To join the loyalty programme, book a Sport or Pro Assessment and purchase ski boots/footwear and insoles at Profeet and you will be eligible to join. See our loyalty programme section for more details.


What are Profeet Ambassadors?

Our athletes and ambassadors further enhance our understanding of footwear and orthotics in demanding situations and help us select the very best in footwear and equipment for our customers. We have ambassadors in all of the key sports we are involved in.


How can I work for Profeet?

If we have any vacancies they’ll be posted in our News section along with how to apply.


How do I choose which level of assessment I need?

Our PRO assessment is for either athletes looking to gain performance or leisure sports participants wishing to improve comfort and reduce / recover from injury. Your assessment and fitting will be conducted by a qualified podiatrist and or biomechanical engineer.


Our SPORTS assessment are for all sports and active individuals and are conducted by our qualified technicians.


Our Shoe Fit is for recreational sports and active individuals or those who are injury-free with existing orthotic insoles and are conducted by our qualified technicians.


Please see our services and call to discuss your needs or book an appointment.

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