Ski Boot FAQs

Why do I need an appointment?

At Profeet we boot-fit on a one-to-one appointment basis with each appointment lasting up to two hours. This means that you have a dedicated technician to look after your boot-fitting needs. And ensure the best possible fit and a first class service.

Why do I need to pay extra for fitting?

Our technicians are extremely experienced and qualified boot fitters. Our boot-fitting appointments last up to two hours and include Profeet custom insoles which form the foundation of a correct fitting boot by ensuring good foot and ankle alignment in the boots. We don’t have any hidden charges for material or work and our prices include fitting and refitting and a two year Comfort Guarantee in the price.

Why are your insoles so expensive / so cheap?

Our insoles are exclusive designs by our biomechanical engineers and podiatrists and manufactured in France by Sidas / Podiatec. As with any Custom insole the skill of the technician in analysing your foot and correctly making the insole is key and all of our technicians are highly experienced and qualified and many have graduate degrees in appropriate sports, biomechanics, and podiatry qualifications.

How long does a boot-fitting appointment take?

We ask you to allow two hours for a standard boot-fitting appointment although we aim to finish in 1hr 45mins. If you’ve got specific issues then we ask you to let us know when booking so that we can allow more time or alternatively we may ask you to return for a FOC follow up appointment.

I get sore feet/shins/calves when I ski - can you help?

Yes! 80% of our clients come to us with some sort of pre-existing injury or pain. We can stop this from occurring and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Why do I need to go to a professional boot-fitter?

Professional boot-fitters have experience in all aspects of boot-fitting – Profeet in particular boasts boot-fitters with over 80 years of combined experience. Ski boots are rigid plastic shells – pretty unnatural for human feet! Ski boot manufacturers produce a few shapes of shell (called ‘lasts’) whereas there are hundreds of different types of feet. Having your boots professionally fitted eliminates as many potential fit issues as possible allowing you to concentrate on your skiing.

Do I need to come back to pick up my boots?

We aim to complete the whole boot-fitting process within your appointment and usually you’ll be able to leave with your new boots and insoles. Occasionally we may need to ask you to return for a follow up appointment and we will try to work around your specific needs.

My feet get really cold in ski boots - can you help?

Yes! There are several reasons why you might get cold feet some due to ill fitting cut off your circulation and some are due to body type. Either way, we can help, either by improving the fit and therefore your circulation or by fitting electric boot heaters.

What is your Comfort Guarantee?

In short we guarantee you will be comfortable with your Profeet ski boots and Custom Insoles. Obviously conditions apply so please see our relevant sports Comfort Guarantee for more details or call us to discuss further.

What socks do I need to wear for my appointment?

We recommend ski specific socks – and never ever any ‘tube’ socks or anything similar! Good ski socks are critical for comfort, warmth and performance. A thicker or thinner sock can also be used to adjust ski boot fit. If you don’t have any ski socks, we offer both synthetic and natural fiber performance ski socks and can recommend what will work best for your feet.

What happens at my appointment?

In a nutshell you’ll experience:

  • Static foot scan
  • Ski simulator/alignment check
  • Custom orthotic insole
  • Ski boot recommendation and fitting
  • Shell modification and customisation
  • Re-analysis and adjustment
  • Exercise programme
  • Comfort guarantee

Why don't you sell boots online?

It goes against everything we believe in… Buying ski boots is all about making sure you have the correct boot for your foot. We also recommend that you have a custom insole for your boots. And that’s before we even start on any customisation… This is why we can’t recommend buying boots online.

Why do I need an insole / footbed?

Off-the-shelf ski boots are rigid plastic shells with softer cushioned liners. The liners allow your foot to move whilst you are skiing and the manufacturers insoles are basic pieces of foam costing a few Euros at most to make. A Custom Insole forms the foundations for your foot and a good boot fit; stabilises your foot within your ski boot and allows better communication between you and your skis.

Why do I need a foam liner?

Foam liners are liners that replace your standard boot liner. They come without any padding and you stand in your boots & liners whilst liquid foam gets shot in to it. The foam then sets and you are left with a perfectly fitting ski boot. Liners are recommended to combat some fit issues and for skiers who want high precision and better performance from their ski boots.

Can I just turn up?

Unfortunately not!  At Profeet we boot-fit on a one-to-one appointment basis with each appointment lasting up to two hours. This means that you have a dedicated technician to look after your boot-fitting needs. To ensure you have the best possible fitting boots and a first class customer service we need to work on an appointment based system.

What brands do you stock?

We have a wide selection of models from the biggest brands.  Brands we stock include Fischer, Head, Atomic, Tecnica, Salomon,  Lange, Dalbello, Garmont and Dynafit.

How many boots do you stock?

Lots! We buy our boots based on a matrix of performance and fit – from a novice with narrow feet to a professional skier with wide feet we’ve got you covered!

Do you sell ski clothing & accessories?


We are predominantly a ski boot-fitters but we do sell essential ski accessories including base & mid layer clothing. We naturally sell an array of ski boot accessories, from socks to boot heaters and everything in between.

How often should I change my boots / how long do boots last?

If they are not broken, don’t change them right? Well maybe. Again, it depends on your skiing level, how often you ski, how long you’ve had them and how worn they are. We operate a ski boot MOT service where you can bring your boots in and we can take a quick look at them to advise you on what’s what. These appointments last 15 minutes after which you can book a further appointment if needed.

I'm only a beginner - can I come to Profeet?

All levels of skier will benefit from a bio-mechanically aligned position in their ski boots. Professional fitting will result directly in achieving breakthroughs more readily on the snow as a result of improved circulation, heightened sensation and feedback from the ski plus improved control from an optimum fit.

Do you fit children’s ski boots?

We currently fit adult boots – starting from around 14 years old. Please feel free to get in touch with any specific queries regarding boot-fitting for younger skiers.

I've bought boots from somewhere else - and they don't fit, can you help?

Our fitting services are available without purchasing new boots. If you require us to take a quick look then call and book a 15 minute boot MOT. If you would like us to fit Custom Insoles and improve the fit then book our Sport Service for £169.95. Please call to discuss your needs.

My friend has told me about xx brand boots...

Well, we all know that friends have the best intentions with their advice – and that’s fine if they’re going to ski in your boots all day… But your foot is unique to you and that is how we will fit and serve you. No, you do not get colour choices either, regardless of the colour of your ski suit!

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