Our high-tech markerless 3D running analysis allows us to precisely
analyse and optimise: running technique & gait, footwear & insoles
- all during a single appointment.


3D Running analysis

Where before, you needed to be an elite athlete and visit a fully equipped biomechanics lab and spend a day to get the same parameters. With our Profeet 3D Motion Lab you get an accurate and very helpful result in just one hour.


How does it work?

  • High-tech depth cameras* collect running motion data which is interpreted by the software using highly advanced algorithms.
  • The software uses the data to extrapolate body segments from the raw data and build a 3D segmented model of the runner.
  • The software then performs rigorous kinematic and kinetic calculations to extract the angles, forces and timing in order to provide us with key running parameters.

* Why depth cameras? Because quality 3D motion data can be obtained without body markers, making motion capture easier and faster than ever

Key parameters and how we can help you

We start by looking at some key parameters:

Running economy

running economy

We look at the economy of your movement. The less energy you expend whilst running, the greater the distance you can achieve or the faster pace you can run.

Joint loading

joint loading

A combination of internal and external forces acting around the knee and the hip. The higher the joint loading the greater the stress on the joint. Excessive forces can lead to short and long term injury so we will work with you to reduce injury risk.

Stride rating

stride rating

The stride rating helps to highlight stride parameters that are possible weak areas. These can be improved both with simple changes to technique, footwear/insoles and long term exercises.

Gait cycle

gait cycle

This cycle helps us analyse asymmetry in gait and can be viewed in both frontal and sagittal planes. It is a key tool for helping identify movement patterns that lead to injury and enables us to work on optimising movement.

We may also go into greater depth and look at symmetry and more detailed movements and forces around the joints.


Customer Loyalty Programme

Based on the initial assessment we will advise and work on footwear, insoles, technique and exercise programs both during your appointment, and if needed with follow up assessments.
The beauty is that with a short regular follow up apointment we can look at improvements or new issues and continue to fine tune the key parameters.



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