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Frazer Shand - Ski Manager at Profeet

Frazer Shand

Profeet Ski Manager
and Buyer

Introducing Frazer Shand

I have worked in the ski industry since I was 16 after getting a Saturday Job setting rental skis at my local indoor slope in Yorkshire. From there I have done multiple ski seasons in Canada and France along with time working in the UK. I joined Profeet in September 2014 as a Senior Ski Technician taking over as Manager and Buyer in May 2017.


My main interest is in injury prevention in skiing, having experienced a serious knee injury myself. I’m focused on looking at how the combination of Equipment, Fitness and correct Technique come together to limit injury. Working closely with Paul O’ Malley our clinical supervisor and Daniel Cracknell our Run Manager, we are forever learning and sharing ideas to grow our understanding of ski biomechanics and bring new ideas to boot fitting.

Custom Ski Boot Fitting ExpertBSBA Qualified Ski Manager at ProfeetFrazer Shand Certified Ski Technician

Qualifications and experience

  • CSIA Certified Ski Instructor and Snow Park Instructor.
  • Masterfit University Masters Plus – The Darks Arts.
  • BSBA 301.
  • Certified Ski Technician.
  • Ski Higher, France, Manager, 2008 – 2011.
  • 47 Degrees, Manager/Bootfitter/Ski Tech, 2011 – 2014.
  • Profeet Assistant Manager, 2015-2017.

* Masterfit is the industry reference for boot-fitting in the USA.

Past and present

I started skiing at 11 when I got the opportunity on a school trip and got hooked.  Since then, I have spent seasons in Canada and France before coming back to the UK in 2011.

Aside from skiing, I have a passion for both Rugby and Football having played to county and academy level in the latter.

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