A complete biomechanical running profile

  1. hi-tech depth cameras collect running motion data which is interpreted by highly advanced algorithms which detect body segments from the raw data.
  2. A 3D segmented model of the runner is then developed by the software so that we can make sense out of your running biomechanics.
  3. We look at key biomechanical categories:
    • Running economy and stride performance
    • Gait symmetry
    • Joint loading

All categories rely on rigorous kinematic and kinetic calculations to extract the angles, forces, timing parameters and everything else that matters for a complete running biomechanical assessment.

biomechanical running profile




Where before, you needed to be an elite athlete and visit a fully equipped biomechanics lab and spend a day to get the same parameters. With our Profeet 3D lab you get an accurate and very helpful result in a 30-90-minute appointment.

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