Shin Splints

shin splints

Shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome) are one of the most painful running injuries. As the name suggest the shin (tibia) experiences 'splinting' of the bone, as the muscle tries to detach itself from the bone.

You feel pain somewhere along the length of the inside of the shin bone and it can be from mild to excruciatingly painful to touch. One of the main muscles involved is the Posterior Tibialis whose main job is to help decelerate the medial arch as the foot goes to 'foot flat'. If this happens too quickly with too much force in a repetitive action the muscle attachment onto the bone starts to splinter.

How Profeet can help:


analysis of shin splints

Here we can observe the relationship of how quickly the foot's medial arch collapses and the tracking of the knee. This gives us a feel for how much stress is experienced on the inside of the shin bone.


custom insoles for shin splints

Will help stabilise the medial arch and reduce the rate at which the arch falls to the ground, in turn reducing the stresses on the inside of the shin.


shin splints and footwear choice

If your shoes either limit the amount of foot motion or allow for too much foot roll, this will affect the ability and timing of the muscles and skeleton to reduce shock and attenuate load along the shin area. If your shoes are just plain worn out then shin splints may return as a result so be aware: Change shoes after 400miles!



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