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Insoles that work with your feet

Profeet 100% custom composite insoles are made from composite materials that are designed to work with your feet through the various phases of movement (i.e. from initial contact to propulsion) while reducing unwanted movements that cause injury and fatigue…

Custom composite insoles are preferred by both podiatrists and sports professionals world-wide. Although fairly new to the UK, they are not only standard fitment in many elite athletes’ shoes but also to be found in the city, work and everyday shoes of many individuals with foot or alignment issues across the world.

Profeet were the first in the UK to pioneer the use of 100% custom composite insoles for use in sports and everyday footwear. We are the experts with tens of thousands of insoles made and thousands of happy customers each year.
Custom composite insoles are designed to work with the foots movement patterns.


how custom insoles work

1. Initial Contact - By holding the foot in shape and using specific materials your custom insole reduces impact forces to the foot and body.

2. Suspension - As the foot slows down and is loaded by the weight of your body your custom insole works with your foot to progressive support and store energy ready for phase 3. The suspension element of our insoles also makes them ideal for use in ball and teams sports where forces are multidirectional.

3. Support - As your body starts to move over the foot the insole provides stability thus reducing unnecessary movement that can lead to injury while conserving energy for the phase.

4. Propulsion - Your custom sports insoles use specific materials under the forefoot that provide both energy return and are strong to help move the foot forward and of the ground as rapidly as possible.



Profeet Custom Insoles Improve Performance, Increase Comfort and Reduce Injury



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