Marathon Training Guide: Recovery

marathon recovery


If you’ve never run a marathon before you may well feel very stiff for the next few days. It’s important to keep moving so we have compiled some gentle stretches to ease out those muscles and assist in muscle recovery

Below is a sequence of yoga positions you can do to help with hip range and mobility. Repeat this through 3 to 4 times on each leg to aid movement.

hip stretch post-marathon stretching lunges hamstring stretch

Downward dog- the aim of this move is to create length in the spine, tilt the sitting bone to the ceiling, draw in at the navel at have a micro bend in the knees.

Downward dog with hips stacked- Lift one leg high bend at the knee and stack the hips on top of one another.

Runner's Lunge- Drive knee through from being stacked on hips and place outside right hand. Push into back heel and feel the body lengthen.

Hamstring stretch- Bring the left leg up to join the right, slowly straighten the knees and restack the spine to standing postion.

Here are some simple exercises to help stretch the rest of the body

hip flexors quads obliques lower back

Hip Flexors


Obliques/Lower back

piriformis hamstrings adductors




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