Marker-less 3D Motion Capture

A depth sensitive camera is like an ordinary digital camera but each pixel also contains information about the distance to the object. Therefore, you can digitally reconstruct any object or scene in 3D, quickly and with millimeter precision. We use a pair of these cameras to capture running motion.

In contrast to traditional motion capture systems, depth cameras do not rely on physical body markers. Instead, they use a pattern of near-infrared light to perceive depth. In a way, one can say that a depth camera generates its own body markers made of light. Therefore, no special suits or body stickers need to be worn which makes our 3D running analysis very fast and efficient compared to traditional sports lab based methods.

Most depth cameras have built-in motion tracking functionality and they work well for general purpose applications where precision and speed is less crucial (some studies show that a single camera is already 98% accurate). For running, however, the built-in tracking is simply not adequate. This is why our 3D analysis uses its own algorithms for 3D reconstruction and recognition of individual body segments so that the running motion can be described with the highest possible accuracy.

How accurate you may ask? Well, sufficiently accurate to compete with world-leading marker-based solutions.

3D Motion lab for runners


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