Marathon Training Guide: Running Bras

Running Bras

Choosing the Right Bra

Running bras are essential for women when embarking on any kind of running - or physical activity for that matter. Running causes much more movement of the breasts so finding the right support is essential. There is actually no muscle in breast tissue and it’s a fact of life our breasts will sag. Wearing a sports bra helps to delay this process.


Structure of the breasts

Breasts are made up of adipose (fat), tissue and glands. All our breasts are different. Those with high levels of fat have a tendency to shrink when women lose weight. Some breasts are more gland-based so are not affected as much by weight fluctuations. So why sports bras? Well, everyday bras will provide support, but they won’t reduce movement. Sports bras are designed to reduce movement while enhancing comfort.


Key things to look out for when choosing a sports bra:


  • Breast tissue should be held completely within the cups, not overflowing at the neckline or underarm.
    This spillage indicates the cup is too small.
  • Cups should be smooth and wrinkle free. Wrinkles or puckers indicate the cup is too big.
  • The back band should be nice and snug as it provides most of the support.
  • The back band should sit straight across the back, if it rides up it is not snug enough

marathon running bra sports bra

  • If straps dig in they are too tight. This normally occurs when the back band is too loose and straps get tightened to provide support. Again, most of the support should come from the back band.
  • If your sports bra looks worn, feels less secure and isn’t supporting you the way it was when you first bought it, replace it.
  • Always take time to try a new sports bra. You wouldn't buy running shoes without trying them!
  • A well fitted sports bra with the correct support level is as important as good running shoes.

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