Footwear Fit Guarantee

When you visit Profeet we do our absolute best to make sure you get the optimum result first time. However follow up appointments and refitting is sometimes necessary. If, despite our best efforts your footwear and insoles still prove uncomfortable we offer a Profeet Footwear Fit Guarantee:

Profeet footwear fit guarantee

Should a comfort problem develop within three months of purchase, we will happily refit your footwear at no extra charge.
Please call us to discuss any issues you have and arrange a refitting appointment.
(Applies to Sport Assessment, 3D Motion Lab purchases only).


Also see our Ski Boot Fit Guarantee


Our Profeet Fit Guarantee is applicable to footwear and custom insoles purchased in conjunction with Sport and 3D Motion Lab assessments only and is in addition to your statutory rights.


When you visit Profeet we do our best to make sure you get the ideal footwear and insole solution first time. However, follow up appointments and adjustments may be necessary to ensure you have an optimum solution. We therefore offer a Profeet Fit Guarantee - three months for footwear and six months for custom insoles, from the date of purchase.


  • We will happily adjust your footwear and custom insoles at no extra charge during the period of your Profeet Fit Guarantee – remember to call us to discuss any issues and to book your follow up appointment.
  • If despite adjustments, you continue to experience fi t or comfort issues then we may exchange your footwear and insoles if needed. One exchange per customer is allowed.
  • For custom insoles, if following adjustments and exchange we are still unable to fi nd a solution that works then we offer a money back guarantee, (insole only. Analysis is non-refundable).

Terms and Conditions

  • The item/items in question must have been purchased at Profeet and you must produce proof of purchase.
  • You must follow our breaking-in and usage guidelines along with all other advice given to you during your appointment.
  • Follow-up appointments must be booked in advance.
  • You must provide us with the opportunity to examine, adjust and re-fi t the footwear and insoles at our store before any exchange or refund is permitted.
  • The analysis fee is non-refundable.
  • The item in question must not have been unreasonably worn, damaged or used for a purpose other than sold or intended.
  • We may change our Fit Guarantee from time to time.
  • Our Fit Guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.



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