Ski Boot Loyalty Programme

The Loyalty Programme is open to all customers who have purchased ski boots and insoles as part of a Sport or Pro assessment.

ski boot loyalty programme
  • HIGH MILAGE 20% OFF additional pairs of the same or different ski boots, touring boots and/or custom insoles during your appointment and for up to six months following your appointment. Great for instructors, guides or anyone wanting an alpine and touring boot.

  • RETURN CUSTOMERS 10% OFF further ski boots and insoles purchased within four years.

  • CROSS-DEPARTMENT 10% OFF analysis and custom insoles for Ski Boot Lab customers at our Footwear Lab within one year.

Terms and Conditions

  • Under the high mileage discount - when buying more than one pair during an initial appointment, the discounts apply to the lower price products.
  • The Loyalty Programme is department specific (I.e. applies to either the Footwear Lab or Ski Boot lab) except for the cross-department discount.
  • The special offers under the Loyalty Programme are not transferable and Profeet reserve the right to change the Loyalty Programme from time to time or withdraw it.


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