Ski Boot Fit Guarantee

When you visit Profeet we do our best to ensure you get the optimum fit first time. However follow up appointments and refitting is sometimes necessary. So if, despite our best efforts, your ski boots and insoles still prove uncomfortable, we offer a Profeet Ski Boot Fit Guarantee:

ski boot comfort guarantee
  • We will happily refit your ski boots, liners and insoles at no extra charge for two years from the date of purchase. Please call to discuss any issues you have as sometimes we can help by phone and if not we will book you a refit appointment.
  • If your ski boots or custom liners continue to cause discomfort after allowing us sufficient opportunities to try and resolve the problem, we will happily exchange them for another model within a two year period from date of purchase. Usage fees apply of 30% of purchase price in the first year and 50% of purchase price in the second year. You will need to pay the difference in value and usage fee along with any other extras purchased.




  • The item in question must have been purchased at Profeet and you must produce proof of purchase.
  • The Ski Boot Fit Guarantee is valid for ski boots and insoles purchased with a Sport or Pro Assessment only and valid for two years from the date of purchase.
  • You must book a refit appointment in advance by phone or email.
  • The analysis fee is non-refundable and no refunds are permitted.
  • You must follow the break-in and usage guidelines along with any other advice given to you during your appointment.
  • You must provide us with the opportunity to examine, adjust and re-fit the ski boots and insoles at our store.
  • The item in question must not have been unreasonably worn, damaged, abused or used other than for the purpose intended.
  • The guarantee is valid for the fit of your ski boots and does not cover wear and tear, changes in requirements (performance and ability etc.) or changes in foot shape.
  • Our Profeet Fit Guarantee does not affect your rights under the Sale of Goods Act.

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